Your afternoon with the private college girls turned out quite well. They spread before you on the stairs. You stare back at them. The fishnet stockings show off their feet and plump legs. The skirt rides up just enough to see backpussy. They stare into your eyes and you feel the room shrink. You feel your cock grow hard. Their smell and their lust wafts through your mind. You inhale them with your nose. You lick up their legs and around to their golden yellow asses. And you massage their wet slits with your fingers.

Enter the FuqCams Vortex

Peel open your eyes to embrace the lights. This isn’t Hollywood. It’s a live videodrome from the pornosphere. From the House of Gooners and Perverts. Bask in the smell. Revel in the anxious push, the thrust to please, to lick, to taste and stroke.

The videodrome blurs, glitches, switches to something other. Switches to an Other. Alive. She takes off her clothes. And you thrust, burn with desire again. The eyes remain peeled. Let them goon.

Stare at Their Asses!

fist fucking fuqcams nasty porn

Ass like the sun, like something you want to be heated up by. But this is something different. This is an expression of pornosexuality. Where the sexual urges overtake reality at any location. It’s a state of mind that focuses on the erotic possibilities hidden in the plain moment. Like these two. They are waiting for you to come closer. They are ready for whatever might follow. You can’t keep staring at their asses. You can, though… No one else is around. And the beach becomes your sex chamber. Stare at their asses. You will be quickly sucked into their spirit. And dissolve into the peace of their perfect gazes.

Human Centipede Porn – JAV Img

human centipede porn

Enter the vortex of Human Centipede Porn, a most curious kink.

The sphere tightens. You are cast into a room mattresses and stains, of sofas covered in sheets and sex toys. These Japanese degenerate lesbians crawl on all fours. They lick each other’s assholes and pussies. They sniff and lick, drawn to each other by an invisible psychic line. The line is pulled taught. Tongue to butthole. Chin slobbering up against pussy. These Japanese sluts form the perfect Human Centipede Porn ring. Listen as their tongues glide and slobber.

Human Centipede Porn analysis program begins. Read the data. Study the output. Our computer system chops back a string of digits, all interconnected, riddled in sloppy glitches. These bitches (Human Centipede Porn bitches) writhe and moan. They nnnngggghhh and spurt. They feed each other around the room. The feast continues.

Exit sphere transmission. Asshole pushing outward. Sputter to the surface.

Note: there is a Japanese Human Centipede-inspired porn feature, but I’m too tired to dig up the title. I’ll save that for a separate post.


Distress rings out through the underground chamber. The girls are gone. Their friends are gone. The last one remains. She’s submerged in a bucket of green slime. Sterilize the chamber. Call in the clean-up crew and reanimate the bodies. Your girls are going to have another chance. GAME OVER is merely an excuse to try and fail again.

Maybe next time their luscious legs will walk and walk to freedom. Or worse. Who knows what lurks outside the chamber, outside the long corridors barred by locked steel doors. Keep the lights burning. The evening ceremony will soon commence.

Art via perilsofdawn